Our Plant is Equipped with Modern and High Precision Machines used for Ink Manufacturing. These technically sound equipments along with skilled labour have helped to satisfy our customers and increase our sales.

Our daily production touches nearly upto 2 ton, and a major quantity of this is Exported. We are increasing our capacity to meet your demand and are setting higher new goals.

We employ a team of 300+ adults that includes: Designers, Engineers, Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers, Office staff and Marketing experts. We don’t use child labour.

Our Facilities include Uniforms, Pleasant hygienic working conditions, TQM work Culture, Ample growth opportunities and adequate monetary benefits.

Our Rich Capabilities & Experience are Complete product development, Quality conforming to US, European or any other Global standards, International Banking, Export documentation & Processing, Zero. With firm commitment of maintaining delivery schedules, Zero defect merchandising and 100% satisfaction, our factory is geared up to conform to your standards.

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